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Selecting the photo above will give you a QuickTime Slideshow with a view of this work known as "La Fuente de La India," a statue in the center of Havana. The included clips are of the "Parque de La Fraternidad," or Brotherhood Park, The Capitol, the exquisite statues atop the towers of The National Theater and various street scenes in this area of the city. The accompanying music is one of the many versions of "El Manisero," or, "The Peanut Vendor," written by Moises Simons, possibly the most famous Cuban song of all time. It has been recorded by scores of performers, and this particular version is by Orchestra Imperio Argentina with an unknown singer. The photo below is of a "cucuruchito de mani," or peanut package, as they're still sold by the street vendors in Havana.

This page will be dedicated to the music of Cuba, from yesterday and today. As the site progresses I'll include both multimedia clips of current day singers in Havana and music from the not too distant past. Here you'll find links to web sites concerned with Cuba, its political status as well as the cultural links that make Cuba so much a part of our musical heritage.These pages employ QuickTime clips that often take some time to download. If you're in a hurry I suggest you hit the back buton on your browser. I'm doing my best to compress these files but artistic license prohibits my shortening either audio or video files that I expect will interest you.

Much of the popular music heard today in the U.S. had its start in Cuba.The influence of Cuban rhythms can be heard strongly throughout much of what was considered early "Rock and Roll" music from the 1950's. After the revolution this link was unfortunately broken, but Cuban music has continued to thrive throughout the rest of the world. My particular interests lie in ballads, boleros, sons, congas and rumbas and I will try to provide a little of each in this site.

Below are listed some links to music, musicians, composers and sites I particularly like and find interesting. Please visit them and I think you'll agree.


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American Artist Celia Cruz Catholic Church in Cuba Havana Memories


One of the most informative locations is The National Website for Cuba. It provides quite a bit of data about the country, its music, people and links to other Cuba-related sites. The actual name of the site is Cubaweb. They also have a large section of audio CDs you can buy.

Another great site I've found tells all about Santiago de Cuba. A second location can be found at the Amazon books website, with much information about Cuba, its music and history. Here are three additional sites that offer resources about Cuba. The first discusses a fascinating book called Cuban Style. The next is El Habanero en Internet, in Spanish. And the last one, and the most fun, is the Cubonics page. Enjoy!!!



Clicking on the above title will bring you to a page with various styles of Cuban music. I hope you enjoy your visit as there's quite a lot to see. You'll find video, audio and slideshow clips of various performers.


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