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Hello to my on-line friends! Some of you may not know where to find me these days, and I wanted to give you an update. I'd been living in San Francisco for nearly 20 years and felt it was time to come back home to New York. As fate would have it, this turns out to have been just one of the many decisions in my life that would merit some serious scrutiny! Who knew that 3 months after I arrived we'd all witness the tragedy of 9/11! I settled in The Bronx and after 2.5 years of sweltering hot summers, glacial winters, maniacal neighbors, and very few job prospects, I decided to come back to The City by The Bay! This site will be a work in progress. It will always be musical and, hopefully, provide many snapshots of my old/new home, San Francisco! By clicking on any of the pictures you'll hear a song or maybe a short video.

"Blanca-Nieve" Rodriguez de Acha, Original "Snow White!" Vilma, "Skanky," McGargle, former "Fox Showgirl!"

My New Address

John D. Meloy
66 9th Street Apt. 1007
San Francisco, CA 94103

 Here's my neighbor Mindy doing "the wash" from her tenement. She says she loves the fresh, clean smell the sun imparts to ones clothes. I couldn't agree more. Most of my new friends do their laundry the same way. Some of the "older" residents of the building still go over to "Wang Fat's Laund-O-Rific," wash their clothes at "Wang's," return home to their families and berate the "children" for not having done the wash on their behalf! I live in "The Mission" district of San Francisco. I feel very fortunate to have "re-relocated" to such a wonderful city. This makes my ninth living location! I grew up on Staten Island, lived in Manhattan, briefly in Newark, New Jersey, Brooklyn, Miami, San Juan de Puerto Rico, The Bronx, San Francisco x 2 and only Queens eludes me, and I suppose I'll get over it.

This is the first person I met after moving in. Her name is Lotta Topp. We met in the laundry room. She wasn't feeling well. I think she might have housemaid's knee, and/or the dreaded Trench Mouth! She keeps referring to "that douchebag old man of mine." Could she have issues with her father? Anyway, some of the men, including the building porter and others, say she's a woman of "easy virtue." Actually, they said she was a "Puta"! What do you think? She tells me that she's "a working girl." Hearing that brought to mind Jerry Orbach and "Law and Order," on TV. He often uses that same term to describe what we used to call "ladies of the evening."

 The next neighbor I met seems so unlike Lotta. Her name is Audrey. She's often very frightened. She's been known to experience mild diarrhea when approached by a member of the opposite sex. We met in the courtyard of the building as she attempted to feed a wild parrott that later bit her chin!! After some prodding, she told me she was from Duluth, MN. Working as a secretary in San Francisco's "Tenderloin" must be very trying for her. Though petrified by men, she usually dresses as you see her in this photo. I suggested that her fashions might be too provocative, even for liberal San Francisco! Her response was, "It's a religious obligation. I may only be garbed in outfits such as befit "The Goddess." I last saw her on the MUNI, headed downtown, surrounded by a multitude of adoring young men and, several "handsome" women, and though trembling, her head was held high! Though not a San Francisco dittie, Click on Audrey's picture for a wonderful train song!!

 The two neighbor gentlemen here are Herbie and his nephew, Dwight. Herbie, apparently no stranger to the grape, often has heated arguments with himself in the hallways. His nephew Dwight is a male model, and self-confessed gigolo!! He's very striking, wouldn't you agree? They're often seen together, near "Fisherman's Wharf!" I'm not sure what they do there, but they frequently return home smelling like seal droppings. Though they both seem so vulnerable, they're still adept at singing about their favorite things!! Click on their photos and listen!

 The 2 ladies shown here are Wang Lip and her pal Trudy. They're roommates. I usually avoid them as they're known to have violent arguments that often lead to fisticuffs. When last seen, Wang Lip said to Trudy, "Don't mess with me 'Piano Legs,' or I'll put your lights out!" Though Trudy's clever retort is unprintable, she responded by removing her shoe and began pummeling Ms. Lip about the head, while screaming in a Slovak tongue. Both are employed in the vicinity. Wang Lip works at a nearby cell phone store. She torments the locals into calling plans they can't afford. Trudy is a "tester" at a "Petaluma" condom factory and winery!

Several months ago I had the amazing opportunity of meeting one of my favorite performers. Her name is Ann Blyth. Anyone my age will remember her from "Million Dollar Movie!" Know this sounds "cheesy," but she's still a beautiful star of stage, screen and concert fame. She's a "New Yorker," as are most of us. Though born north of New York City, she was raised around the corner from St. Patrick's Cathedral on New York's 5th Avenue. Now over 78 years old, she's still the tiniest, most beautiful woman I've ever seen! How many people do you know who've slapped Joan Crawford hard enough to knock her down? That smack, and her great acting earned her an Academy Award nomination in 1945, for "Best Supporting Actress." The film was "Mildred Pierce." Ann was 16 years old.

I'm still on "Cloud 9!" That evening I actually got to see her in that movie, listen to an hour of questions on-stage about her life and career, and best of all, to meet her in person! She's still petite, lovely, and has been married for 52 years. She's also the mother of 5!

If you'll click below, I've constructed a not very little audio website honoring her. As usual, it requires RealAudio to hear it. In the past I've given up some sound quality in order that everyone could hear the music. Please accept my abject apologies; that didn't happen this time. Even if they take a while to download, I want you to hear her "full-voice!"

After the interview portion on-stage, a local movie critic asked her coyly: "We know you don't sing that much anymore, but would you consider just a few bars of a song for your audience?" She took the "mike," and sang the last lines from "Baubles, Bangles and Beads." It was as if she'd never left! The audience went nuts, stood up and wouldn't let her off the stage. She's still got it!! Her voice continues to amaze.

The photos below are mostly from her arrival at the theater. Photo 2, from left to right, is a compilation of 4 or her songs. The first, where she sounds really docile is from "The Great Caruso." I suspect she was told to "tone down" her exquisite operatic voice to accommodate that of her co-star Mario Lanza. She was supposed to be Caruso's wife, but she still introduced this wonderful song. The other 3, all from the movie "Kismet," are some of her most beautiful songs. She sings with Howard Keel and Vic Damone. Even though they make take a while to download, they're worth the wait!

Ms. Blyth was in the theater for nigh on to 8 hours that night. As announced that evening, "all" of the proceeds of the evening were to go the the "AIDS Emergency Fund." She requested nothing for her participation. It all went to the fund. We're talking about a theater that seats 1,400 people, and one magnificent lady! Some tickets, just for the show and interview were $27.00. The rest, and there were many, cost $55.00. I paid the latter.

Hope you can hear this and remember her as I do! Please click below on the "the beauty" next to the dufus in the yellow shirt! The "Active" photos that will produce some song and videos are, from left to right, photos 2, 3, 4, 6, and 7. The others soon will have their own songs and/or videos! Thank you for your patience. Some of these videos will be very large. I suspect many of you, like I, have discovered "YouTube.com!" It seems to be all the rage these days since "Google" purchased it for a couple billion dollars. It's really a wonderful site! If it's video/audio you're after, you might want to consider subscribing to either DSL or CABLE to get the best results. If your still on "dial-up", it may take a while longer. This site has some things that are beyond belief! I've found videos/audios from the original "Ed Sullivan Show!" I hope you enjoy the visit with Ann Blyth.


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